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STC Natural SDS

STC NATURAL SDS is an improved version of Nat. Designer SDS which has 67oz. per sq/yd of trilobal PE Spring green SS Monofilament with a thatch consisting of texturized “ Field green” PE and “Tan” PP monofilament tufted on 1/2 gauge at 2 1/8 inch pile ht. and having 2 layers of polybac, 1@13 and 1@18 pic as the primary backing with 20 oz. urethane as the secondary coating. Perforations for drainage are standard. Synthetic Turf Company recommends the use of infill in all turf products as it will enhance both the visual and the performance characteristics, including durability.

Product Specs:

 Fiber Weight:  67 oz. / sq. yd.
 Pile Height:  2 1/8"
 Color:  Spring w/ Texturized Thatch
Tan & Field
 Primary Backing:  18 pic & 13 pic Polybac
 Secondary Coating:  20 oz. Urethane
 Gauge:  1/2"
 Fiber:  PE Mono-Spring w/
Tan-Field Texturized Thatch