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Who We Are

SyntheticTurfCompany.com…we are NOT AN ONLINE RETAILER!!!...We are actually one of the oldest turf manufacturers and turf suppliers in the United States.  At Synthetic Turf Company, we know what it takes to make a satisfied customer – Quality, Service, Affordability, Consistency, and Innovation!

Our customers have DIRECT ACCESS... NO Hidden Costs, NO Hidden agendas….we have only the commitment, passion and drive to keep our customers satisfied with High Quality Turf delivered on time at a competitive price. We want to EARN your business because EVERY CUSTOMER and EVERY ORDER is IMPORTANT to us! WE WANT TO BE YOUR SUPPLIER OF CHOICE!

That’s why at Synthetic Turf Company, we are equally dedicated to our products, our people, our results...and our customers.  It all needs to work together.  We know that.  We practice that.

The key to our success is our ability to meet our customer’s needs. Through Research and Development, we are constantly incorporating new ideas to make our existing products better as well as providing new innovations to the market. As a customer, you will have input into this process. If you have a specific product in mind, let us know and we can work with you on getting the product that you need.

Our products meet some of the most critical Quality Control Standards within the Industry. Our employees are trained on our Quality Control Procedures which are based on the ISO9001 Standard. Our products are constantly tested to ensure that they are meeting our specifications as well as meeting the expectations of our customers.

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